Neck Pain Whiplash

Dr. Cooper has many years of success helping patients' with whiplash from a car accident(s) or chronic neck pain (patients' that have been told by medical providers, that narcotics or surgery are their only option for some pain relief. Dr. Cooper's experience has afforded much relief to patients' that are in pain. Dr. Cooper uses multiple therapies (chiropractic, physical therapy, posture pump, myofascial work and exercises to get the patient well.

The Posture Pump is superior for chronic neck pain sufferers. The Posture Pump expands and lifts the spine from the posterior joints, (not by prying the head from the body as in most traction procedures) Decompression occurs in a ratio conforming to the natural wedged shape of the discs. This phenomenon allows the Posture Pump to separate the anterior, center and posterior of the intervertebral disc better than linear traction while simultaneously improving the natural cervical curve rather than removing it.

The treatment sessions consist of 3 X a week for 4 weeks/ 20 minutes. The procedure is non invasive and the results are very positive. Covered by most insurance.

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